Excel VBA Reciprocal Link Checker

I use an Excel VBA macro to check all my reciprocal links on my various web sites.  It checks to see the reciprocating page is up, that it contains my link, and that there is no rel=nofollow or noindex cheating.


Download the .xls file.


Put it somewhere on your C drive


Put your linking information in columns A, B, C, D.  These script really only uses A and C for checking but if you fill in all of them then you have all the info you need to manage your links.


It is only doing a basic check to see if the text in column A exists anywhere in the page specified in column C.  Someone could cheat by putting your link text in there, but just as text, not as a link if you see what I mean. 

The nofollow cheat code is only approximate -- do check the pages manually before deciding someone is cheating!

Version checking

After every run the script will check this text file on this server to see if the version has been incremented, if it has then the script will let you know and load this page so you can download the latest version.


Don't expect much!  But you can try posting a message in the Support forum (click tab at top of this page)

Warrantee and guarantee

Absolutely none!


Zero!  But if you use it I feel it would be polite to link back to here.  Thanks.



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